Learning Outcomes Assessment

Learning Outcomes Assessment​​

Student learning outcomes assessment is a formative process designed to enable the alignment of instructional activities with academic standards and values and to inform faculty and administration about any needed changes or improvements. Westcliff University has developed an outcomes assessment plan, focused on continuous improvement, which is designed to provide an ongoing review of student achievement and satisfaction. The plan is an ongoing process of reviewing performance and achievement of outcomes.

The outcomes assessment program at Westcliff University flows from the institution’s mission to develop and deliver quality education at a reasonable cost in the areas of business and education. The institutional program and course learning outcomes emanate from the mission of the University.

The purpose of Westcliff University’s outcomes assessment is to collect data and feedback on student achievement and satisfaction and use this information in the University’s decision-making process for program improvements and, ultimately, student learning.

Westcliff University recognizes that course grades alone are not a satisfactory measure of student learning. While they are an important source of information about student achievement, they are not a comprehensive assessment of the University’s overall institutional activities for aligning its mission and objectives with the program learning outcomes and institutional learning outcomes.

Westcliff University’s Outcomes Assessment Plan serves as a framework for a more comprehensive and structured approach to outcomes assessment of student achievement and satisfaction. The committee is led by the the assessment coordinator, who is responsible for coordinating all assessment and related-activities within the University. Other members include the Provost, Deans, and Program Chairs. There is also collaboration between the Faculty Senate Performance Assessment Committee, Academic Leadership Committee, and Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence (LITE) Center.

Westcliff University Core Competencies​

Program and course learning outcomes are mapped onto the core competencies and institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) to verify an overarching fulfillment of Westcliff University’s educational ethos.

  1. Written Communication
  2. Oral Communication
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Ethics
  6. Information Literacy
  7. Quantitative Reasoning