Resources for Online Instruction

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Virtual Class Session (VCS) Etiquette


  • Include a title slide 
  • Include an agenda slide 
  • Include a learning objectives slide 
  • Mix in graphics and pictures with text 
  • Use fonts that are at least 20-24 point 
  • Use a color of text that is easy to read 
  • Use fonts that are easy to read


  • Level the camera with your face 
  • Keep a fair distance from the camera so that you are appropriately visible





  • Find a setting with an appropriate and simple background 
  • Ensure the background is not distracting 
  • Keep background clear of people and pets




  • Use appropriate lighting and professional background (i.e., no shadows, no windows)





  • Wear clothes that help distinguish your facial features 
  • Wear professional clothing





  • Encourage students to use their webcams and microphones 
  • Present on the slides without reading the PowerPoint 
  • Use expressive and enthusiastic voice modulation 
  • Relate your personal experience with the subject matter 
  • Refer to sources of information other than the textbook 
  • Engage the students with interactive discussions


  • Utilize the mute button during class for yourself or students (ie., people, pets ratio, phones, etc.)
  • Find a quiet place without distractions or loud background noises




  • Do not eat food while teaching online






  • Be ready to start the class 10-15 minutes early 
  • Make sure all technology is working properly





  • Avoid making any sudden or repetitious body movements that may be distracting