Writing Center

Writing Center

Write with us.

Westcliff University's Writing Center offers students and faculty support in the academic writing process. The Writing Center is able to provide support through tutorials, live one-on-one sessions, workshops, and editing assistance. With the help of specialized writing consultants, students can receive personalized written and oral feedback in the formatting, mechanics, and structure of any assignment.

Using the Writing Center


Publication Support

Faculty can request editing for a WIJAR publication. This type of editing requires a one week turn around period and will focus on grammar, spelling, and APA format. 

Student Support

While the Writing Center exists to support students in the process of academic writing, it is also meant to be a support for faculty who have identified sources of struggle with specific students. The Writing Center has various options professors can choose from for how to best support students when taking their specific struggle into account. 

Series of Tutorials

Faculty can identify a specific issue a student is facing (plagiarism, APA format, etc.). The Writing Center can assign a series of tutorials for the student to complete regarding this issue. Once the student has completed the tutorial sessions, a one-on-one follow-up session can be had with the Writing Specialist. The student will be given a confirmation form to submit to the faculty once the series and follow-up session has been completed.

Mandatory Editing

Faculty can require a student to submit their assignment(s) to the Writing Center prior to submission for the course. The Writing Center will provide the student with a confirmation of submission form to provide to faculty as proof of review. This form will only be sent to the student if they meet the basic requirements of the assignment in terms of content and originality of their work. 

Request Tutorials

Faculty may make a request for tutorials.  If there is a need for a tutorial not offered on the Writing Center GAP page, a screencast tutorial can be made and tailored to your course.  There is a one to two week turnaround time for this service.